YAH Empowerment Center (YAHEC)

Put Unity Back to Life In CommUNITY...PUBLIC service


Company Name:  

Youth At Heart Empowerment Center, Inc.  


Serve the community and 

Put Unity Back to Life In the Community 

  • Provide social events, recreational activities, and educational services
  • Develop 13 or more entrepreneurs at each location 



Provide gap fillers for educational, social, and recreational services


Empower and serve the members of the community  

Youth At Heart Empowerment Center 

Our ultimate goal is to have a facility that will provide unity of family (located in neighbors nationwide).  


  • Develop full-service social, educational, and recreational events 

  • Technology-driven tutoring services 

  • Homework help, eye strengthening, reading enrichment, math enrichment, and other learning & social skill-builders 

  • Help struggling learner 
    • Pre-K to 8th graders
    • General Education and Special Education population
    • Support 504/IEP (Title 1) assisted students
    • Proven evidence of improvement seen after 32 sessions  
    • Affordable per session/time investment (min. 16-session tutoring)
    • Monitor progress of educational and social goals (Parent/School/District initiated)
    • Classroom observation and support (Parent/School/District initiated)
    • Attend IEP/504 progress meetings with parent  (Parent/School/District initiated)

Near future YAHEC in addition to our tutoring service, we offer PBIS (Positive Benefits and Incentives Services) an added-value services for community organizations and school systems.  

Benefit:  YAHEC (often) partners with other organizations to provide a multitude of entertaining and educationally structured special events. 

YAHEC coordinates, plans, and designs events with our partner.

Bullying Campaign for schools and Community Centers


Future:  YAHEC hopes and plans to open a home for young boys and men who are homeless.  YAHEC Boot Camp will provide

  •  structure and training for building a future with possibilities
  • offer young people life lessons 
  • enable participants opportunities to grow and become self sufficient 


Important fact:

  1. homelessness in our nation for young men 13 to 25 is rising.  
  2. 21% graduate from high school with a diploma
  3. 8 % in jail
  4. provide shelter, security, skills training (trade), and job referrals
  5. designed to make a man, out of boys.  
  6. * Projected - expansion projected with female and family services


We must raise over 10 million dollars per location 

We are presently in a benefit fundraiser  (in-kind giving) 

Imagine this:  10 million (+) people donate $ 1.00 

YAHEC Partnerships - we need you!    (contact YAHEC email)

If you have...

  • trade, skill, or desire to mentor a youth into maturity this 
    • is the place
    • this is the time, and you're the ONE.  
  • looking for businesses, business owners, and individuals to volunteer hours 
  • seeks to partner: plumbers, electrician, hair and nail specialist
volunteer YOUR time/talent/employment opportunities to young people (click on   Applications (Form))


The Great American Bailout - This is a national initiative for change.  

  • Citizen deserve a fair chance at a successful life.  
  • The economy provides bail outs of big business
  • What about a bail out for citizens?  
  • It's time consumers get a fair shake.  
  • If you want to be a part of change email YAHEC at Contact YAHEC email.  (subject area:  Great American Bailout)

Help Build Futures through YAHEC -

(We are fueled by the community)

In-kind Giving - $1.00 to our funding

 Youth At Heart Empowerment Center, Inc.

Help us manifest the dreams 

Will you be that one?     Web Store 

 Benefit Fundraisers - YAHEC has big plans...

We have set high standards and goals. 

Our multi-phase plan will ultimately blend into one BIG dream.  

YAHEC hope is to stir up the vision, hopes,

 and desires of participants to take action to change their lives and our world. 

Check out our calendar for our next events. Calendar


Learning Made Fun - Holiday and Summer program

Tutoring Great Thinkers ? Parents and Guardians 

     Do You have a Struggling Learner? 

Are You A Struggling Learner (as an adult)?

  • Tutoring services to help learners stay on top of their scholastic skills. 
  • YAHEC's Tutoring Great Thinkers fill gaps in learning
  • YAHEC provides year-round supplemental learning to help struggling learners gain skills in reading and math.
  • During the school year, we help with homework
  • Learning is self pace on computer software training segments  
  • Studies have shown that down time during the summer months causes a loss of what was learned throughout the previous year.
  • Keep your child in the game
  • Our segmented learning is computerized, self-paced, and rewarding
  • We offer mini-session during the summer 
  • 16-session learning segment (s) during the school year   
  • Complete Registration- (Form)


For more information call: 301-613-4294 

Available: Mon. - Thurs.  (2-hrs sessions per day; 2-days per week)

  • Education and MORE! 
  • Holiday Refresher Plan - minimum of 32 sessions/2 segments 
  • Mini-Summer Break   Maintenance Plan - minimum of 32 sessions/2 segments
  • Year Round After School & In-school Plan 
    • social activities for body and heart  
    • sponsored events and activities 
    • Special social events 
    • Social/Networking Conferences  
    • sponsors, volunteers, and organization are welcomed partners

 (Sample) Special Events  Click on special events 


Singles Mingle - Singles 35 and up enjoy special events and activities 
  • Speed Dating (Lock Down)
  • Mingling and Meeting 
  • Address Topics of plague (Andi's Place)
Minority Business Exchange Group  (MBEG) Special Events RSVP (Form)
  • Local minority businesses come together to empower each other and find ways to expand business ventures and opportunities.
Mother/Daughter Moments, Mother/Son Moments, Father/Daughter and Father/Son Faith-Builders Unite,   - family time 
  • Objective:  Opening the lines of communication)
MBSS Connection MBSS Speaker's Series
  • Self-help techniques that transform mind, body, spirit, and soul (spirit-filled teaching)  

 Talent Showcase Talent Showcase Perform Form
Show off your talent 

Assisted Living / Senior Living - Activity Planner  
****Devotions and Spiritual Empowerment****

Youth At Heart Empowerment Center, Inc.

Hanover, MD

Make Something Happen For Someone Else...

Help build and empower people to greatness.  Jobs/Volunteer Services

  • Volunteer your time and talents
  • Mentor a youth (or young man/woman)
  • Extend financial support

For more information send an email to contact YAHEC email (subject: I want to help)

In advance, THANK YOU